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Open Source based IT modernisation will ensure more resources for your business

Who we are

TechnoInfotech has been providing email solutions to orgnaization of all size across many industry domain such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Education, Goverment,Healthcare and more.

Why us

TechnoInfotech have been delivering bespoke OpenSource solutions to business for over 19 years. We have developed and deployed more than 100+ bespoke solutions to a wide range of businesses.


As our solution are based on open source code, we are able to look inside of code and fix it according to your needs. We even support & guide you to integrate your third party application with our solution for your business benefits.

Why TechnoInfotech suggest Open Source Solution.


Open source enables technology agility, typically offering multiple ways to solve problems. Open source helps your IT to avoid single vendor lockin if a particular capability cannot be delivered. Enterprises can even create that capability inhouse.


Open source solutions are much more inexpensive in an enterprise environment for equivalent or superior capability, and they also give enterprises the ability to start small and scale as business grows. To meet budget challenges, exploring open source alternative is financially viable.


Open Source community helps keep an eye on new vulnerabilities and gain early visibility into potential issues. Open source enables speed. A great advantage is the ability to take the community versions, get started to solve your business problem. Once you make that determination, professional support and services are increasingly available for open source products.


Future architectures are highly likely to be based on open source, as they are today in mobile solutions with the Android platform, clod Solutions, web solutions, where the large majority of websites are based on open source technology.Open source is a good investment in the future

Key Benefits

Private Cloud via HCI

Reduced Costs

A private cloud environment not only saves money over a typical on-premise setup, but would be less expensive than a public cloud environment for some enterprises.

Efficiency & control

Private clouds can be hosted on-site, in a third-party datacenter or with managed hosted services. This gives you more control over your data and infrastructure.


Laws, regulations, and policies must be followed by businesses of all sizes. the private cloud is the best solution because it may be installed according to needed access-control and data retention requirements

Customised infra

With a private cloud, you can select an architecture with specialised storage and networking features to ensure that the system completely suits your demands.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

TechnoInfotech has provided us with very stable, reliable mailing solution backed by unmatched service support and promptly catering to our insatiable demands for value added features. Technomail is a very cost effective option giving true value for money thus satisfying our Organizational objectives.

Mr. P. Y. Hasolkar

Head IT : Manugraph India Ltd.

“We have been working with TechnoInfotech for the past decade or so and find them awash with solutions as if they are our own IT team. Always adept with technology suited to client need, conscious of expenses, hardly brand plate attracted and very quick in absorbing the core need of client team. Our company has grown in the last decade on all counts and we have seen them scale solutions to our needs. This allowed us to keep pace with all innovations – servers, cloud, cell phone, integration, access control, security & recovery. My simple advice, listen to them and think thrice before you make a spec change to their outlay. They are your own team and have pre tailored with ‘You’ in mind. Maybe you will be a little ‘early’ with them, it’s better than being ‘late’ even for a moment.

This is wishing them more accolades and success, it’s Co’s like TechnoInfotech that make Indian companies excel a stark contrast to the famed IT sector which makes global Co’s better.“

Mr. Ranjit Puranik

Managing Director
Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd.

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